Project - Innovation project for Coca Cola bottled water business, delivering a roadmap of new product and service ideas to transform them into a more sustainable business. 
Product /service - Roadmap of concepts with proven business, technology and customer viability across four international markets. First product to be developed to manufacture and launched is the Abbey Well Twist Bottle. 

Duration - 6 months
Team - BA, senior stakeholders, researchers, product designers.
Activities - Innovation workshop, desk research, contextual interviews and focus groups, concept ideation /sketching, storyboarding, selection /road-mapping workshop.
Deliverables - Validated product /service concepts and roadmap. 
Outcome - First product - Abbey Well Twist bottle - launched in 2016. 

The project team ran a workshop to blueprint the product lifecycle for water bottles, for brands such as Dasani. We identified areas to improve environmental and social sustainability, and researched a range of technologies which might help, assessing them in terms of feasibility and cost.

To assess customer desirability across the company's different international markets, we carried out a service safari covering UK, USA, Turkey and India. My team went to India, conducting ethnographic research in Mumbai. We gained an understanding of daily routines around water, attitudes to recycling and hygiene.

Whilst carrying out contextual interviews in households in Mumbai and surrounding villages, we tested early service concepts with customers, communicated via sketch storyboards.

After the service safari, the project team delivered a summary report for each market. The report covered attitudes to the environment and recycling, local habits around water and in particular bottled water, and key insights on consumer behaviour to inform the next round of design.

We iterated concepts using feedback from the service safari, and illustrated each with digital sketches. Each concept board explained the consumer insight that sparked the idea, and quantified customer interest in each market as well as technological feasibility.

We ran a whole day selection and road-mapping workshop with Coca Cola managers from across the business. Their business insights were used to further assess concepts, determine routes to market for the company and define a roadmap for the next few years.

The first concept to market was Abbey Well Twist - a water bottle that cut out 1/3 of plastic and used far less energy in transport and recycling, because consumers twisted the bottle after use to reduce its volume. We ran design sprints to detail this design, for example adding arrow details to the bottle that made the twist feature clear, whilst doubling up as ribs for structural strength. The bottle launched in 2016.

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