Project - Assess the customer experience of painting the home. Design a new product to improve this experience.
Product /service - Compact, powered paint roller

Duration - 6 months
Team - Industrial designers, user researchers, mechanical engineers, electronic engineer, client.
Activities - Research, user journey mapping, story-boarding, industrial design sketching, 3D CAD and prototyping, user testing.
Deliverables - Manufacturing ready product and packaging designs, proof of concept prototypes, user testing results.
Outcome - Successful global launch for the Dulux brand.
The Dulux PaintPod range are powered paint rollers that make painting your home 'easy, fast and clean.' Having helped bring the original PaintPod to mass manufacture, I work closely with a team of designers and engineers to develop a compact, lightweight version targeted at consumers with smaller spaces and limited storage. 

Starting with mechanical mock-ups and sketch concepts, we developed the product through several prototypes and consumer trials to manufacture. The finished product is one quarter the size of PaintPod and lower cost to the client, Akzo Nobel. Design challenges included extending the brand identity to the new product and balancing ergonomic requirements with cost and mechanical function.

In addition, we designed an innovative recycled pulp cardboard inner pack that doubles up as conveninent utility tray. By designing the product and packaging together in this way, we were able to both remove cost and lower PaintPod Compact’s carbon footprint for our client.
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