Project - Re-design of part of, for improved customer comprehension, usability, mobile optimisation and sales. 
Product /service - Home broadband section of Customers compare broadband speeds, prices and customise their package before buying.
Duration - 2 months
Team - Product owner, UX designer, marketing manager, research lead, visual designer
Activities - UX analysis, competitor analysis, UX/UI design, usability testing, visual design
Deliverables - Responsive Axure prototype - mobile, tablet and desktop, user story map.
Before and after: The home broadband section of Re-designed to work better on mobile and provide more clarity to customers. 
User story map, created as a framework to understand needs, priorities and value of existing features.
UX appraisal of existing site, considering mobile and desktop layouts. Focus was on improving usability and making EE's broadband offering clear. Many of my suggestions revolved around reprioritising content, removing clutter and finding better groupings and labels for information.
Competitor analysis, taking particular note of their user task-flows, mobile layouts and how they conveyed information relating to broadband packages. We benchmarked ourselves against these in terms of customer experience, and discussed pros and cons of each company's design with the product owner.
Quick sketches done during a workshop with stakeholders to visualise their ideas as they suggest them. Paper, pens and Letraset markers. 
Mobile-first, Balsamiq mockups detailing users' steps through the 'purchase journey' with revisions based on the earlier UX appraisal. By allowing stakeholders to try these on their phones, I was able to gather quick feedback iterate the design several times in a matter of days.
Responsive, interactive prototype built in Axure. This was used from early stages to help stakeholders make informed decisions on scope and priority by trying their ides out quickly on mobile, tablet and desktop. The same prototype was taken into qualitative user testing to explore comprehension, usability across different devices.
User testing focused on in-depth. qualitative interviews with a small range of broadband customers. The responsive Axure prototype allowed us to test on desktop and different mobile devices. I was able to iterate the design quickly in response to feedback and built confidence amongst stakeholders to proceed to development.

Detailed, visual UI designs created using Adobe Suite. Particular attention paid to effective data visualisation of broadband speeds and use of colour and iconography to aid discovery and usability through the customer journey,

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