Project - UX review and re-design to increase conversion for a pet insurance site
Product /service - Site selling pet insurance, targeting young professionals and small pet owners
Duration - 2 months
Team - Product owner, UX designer, visual designer, delivery manager
Activities - UX and competitor audit, online usability testing, site data analysis, user story mapping, UX design, visual design, prototyping.
Deliverables - User story /feature map, interactive prototype, visual style and component guide
Outcome - Design updates published, and we are currently watching traffic to determine outcome.

We began with a UX audit of the current site, pointing out where best practice could be applied in language or UI component choices. We also reviewing Google Analytics to spot drop-off and indicate root causes where possible.

As our client had never carried out any quant research or testing, we used to conduct online usability testing, which provided some insights into the reasons behind behaviour shown in the quant data. 

These two research activities gave the design team ideas.. We had a series of recommendations for our client, ranging from minor copy adjustments to larger changes in IA, all of which could be traced back to a real user need or previous design team experience. We discussed possibilities with our client, estimated development time required, and established what we would tackle for next release, creating Sketch screen mockups to communicate what to expect.

Setting up our client for better continued design and development work, the design team we ere able to use qual and quant data to retrospectively determine user stories from existing pages and features. We created a user story map as a central reference for the project team, and with the client planned several releases worth of features and upgrades using this tool to keep discussion customer focused.

Using our pre-built library of components in Sketch, we quickly created detailed mockups of all screens, co-creating with the product owner where required, and exporting to an InVision prototype to provide an interactive version which cleared up any misunderstandings. We designed a range of usability improvements, and overhauled the purchase journey, offering easier comparison of insurance products and the ability to buy for several pets at once. 

The design team also created several options for navigation menus, determining how these would work on large and mobile screen sizes.

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