Project - New product range concept for Lego Duplo.
Product /service - Themed car construction toys aimed at 3-6 year olds.

Duration - 2 months
Team - Product manager, product designers.
Activities - Concept skecthing, prototyping, 3D CAD modelling, user testing, packaging design.
Deliverables - 3D printed buildable prototypes, packaging artwork design.
Outcome - Product was not selected for development to manufacture.

Exploring the theme of exciting car toys for 3-6 year olds, the design team sketched a wide range of concepts. The above are animal themed vehicles I sketched digitally using corel Painter and a Wacom tablet.

Settling on emergency vehicles as an 'evergreen' theme which has wide appeal to the target age range, we explored police cars to develop the concept. 
I created the above digital sketches for use in user testing - they convey a range of police toy possibilities of increasing aggressiveness.
We used these as prompts in discussions with parents and children during tests in Germany, which selected the top right vehicle as the best balance between child appeal and parental approval.

With the toy theme taking shape, I created the above concept box art to convey the playset and story-telling themes which might be conveyed through marketing and advertising. This was created using a Rhino 3D model underlay for the car, overlaid with digital artwork in Corel Painter.

We modelled a rage of Lego components in Rhino 3D CAD, and used 3D prints to assemble a variety of emergency vehicles. The above renderings were created from Rhino. We finished and painted 3D printed models, adding vehicle graphic stickers we designed in Adobe Illustrator to finish the look.

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