Project - Product design for a new range of Lego Duplo toys.
Product /service - Four pirate-themed playsets intended for children aged 3-6.

Duration - 18 months.
Team - Industrial designers, mechanical engineers, packaging designer.
Activities - industrial design sketching, product storyboarding, prototyping, 3D CAD modelling, graphic design for print.
Deliverables - Manufacturing ready 3D CAD, print-ready artwork and packaging design for the complete range.
Outcome - Successfully launched new product range in 2006.
Working as a toy designer for Lego in Denmark, I, along with a colleague, created a concept for a pirates playset for the Duplo brand which was subsequently accepted for a full development programme to launch. I worked as part of a small, multi-national design team who took the project from initial concept sketches to full production a year later. Lego Duplo Pirates was a major product launch for Lego in 2006, with 4 new SKUs aimed at 4-6 year olds.

Our work involved sketch development, printed decoration design and prototyping of new mouldings in a variety of mediums, from 3D printed parts to modelling clay. New moulded parts were designed in CAD and refined to be compatible with all other parts in the Lego system. At key stages in the process, we conducted consumer trials with parents and children to optimise the appeal of the sets, and ensure playing with them was exciting and rewarding.
As well as creating ships that could float, firing cannons and a huge shark with snapping jaws, we designed a crew of swashbuckling pirates with their own unique costumes and weapons. I created print-ready artwork for all parts and we work closely with production teams in Denmark and China to ensure the original concept vision was maintained through to mass manufacture.
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