Project - Completely redesigned experience and relaunch for ageing web application. 
Product /service - Used by technicians to monitor metereological measurements and assess suitability of potential new wind or solar farm sites. 

Duration - 1 year
Team - Product owner, UX designer, developers, key customers
Activities - Research, user journey mapping, IA design, UI/UX design, prototyping, visual design, CSS stylesheets
Deliverables - Personas and workflows, Axure wireframe, user testing metrics, Bootstrap CSS stylesheets
Outcome - Relaunched application, huge boost in user engagement, reduction in main task time by approx 25%
Before and after: Resource Panorama site, completely overhauled for better user experience.
Site map: Without any overview of architecture or function, the existing site needed first to be deconstructed. A site map allowed us to get a clear overview, and duplicated and obsolete pages were discovered. The team were able to switch to a simpler IA and remove nearly half of the site's obsolete code after this assessment.
Research: With little clear understanding of product users, research focused on identifying workflows and pain points for key users. The redesign would be driven by the desire to reduce task times and remove pain points.
Building personas for an existing product. Combining research findings with the product owner's knowledge.
Story mapping workshop, with product owner, UX team and developers present.
Elevator pitch: With renewed confidence in our product's users, value and place in the market, the team re-named it from 'Online Data Management' to 'Resource Panorama.' i delivered the elevator pitch and provided marketing material.
Balsamiq and sketch explorations helped us identify new navigation, labelling and a more consistent UI design for the site.
An ever-evolving Axure wireframe allowed a team spread across the UK and Canada to work on the same UI together and develop a product to the same clear design vision.
The new UI used tabs that for the first time matched the workflow of the operators. Proposed new screens were able to fit into the new UI framework easily, allowing the team to plan years worth of new developments, confident the design would hold up well.
As development sprints progressed, I helped the developers refine UI details in response to usability testing and technical hurdles. Moving to a new platform enabled us to use a Bootstrap UI for the first time. I provided CSS stylesheets, allowing the product to match with corporate style guides for the first time.
The high fidelity wireframe in use.
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