Sketching is and always will be an incredibly powerful skill for UX designers, despite the steady advancement of prototyping tools and UI libraries available. With a sketch you can visualise an idea in minutes, prompt a discussion with your team or even test with users. Your sketches can capture the essence of an idea and convey it in a dynamic and engaging way, allowing you to evaluate it and progress without having to spend time working out and mocking up the details digitally.
I’ve been drawing professionally for 15 years, and having begun my career as an industrial /product designer, noticed that those in the UX world don’t always have the same confidence sketching as their colleagues in industrial design. Luckily, there are a few straightforward techniques I can teach, which – combined with practice – will give your sketches greater clarity, impact and appeal.
This video is my introductory tutorial for UX designers who want to begin advancing their sketching. It’s based on lessons I’ve given to several designers over the past year and demonstrates fundamental techniques, showing them used in context as we design a fictional mobile app for an airline.
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