Project - New iPhone app design, working with remote development team
Product /service - App to provide wind farm owners /investors with engaging data on wind farm power production

Duration - 2 months
Team - Product owner, UX designer (UK), developers (Poland)
Activities - Product scoping, UX design, UI /visual design, user testing, UX advice /support during sprint cycle.
Deliverables - UI mockups, graphic assets.
Outcome - Successfully launched app to accompany main wind farm monitoring service.

Primary and secondary personas, established beforehand through several projects' worth of accumulated research and testing findings. This allowed us to quickly appraise which user stories and priorities were key for the app's success.

The team used story mapping to describe the key tasks and goals of our persona, and identify the highest value stories. This formed the framework for our appraisal of the existing site and design for the new mobile app

UX appraisal of the existing WindHelm site, deciding which content was useful and appropriate for our new persona, and which could discarded for the mobile app. 

Quick paper concept sketches - pen and marker

Quick digital concept sketches - Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Wacom tablet
Early Photoshop concept UI mockups, detailing key screens and layouts.

Screen grabs from the first app release. During development, DNV GL released a corporate style guide, which whilst incomplete, I was able to use and extrapolate from to give the app a visual design which would be appropriate and match with other company applications.

Key to the engaging experience was a 3D Unity visualisation, for which I conducted user testing once a prototype app was put together. This informal testing allowed us to refine UI controls and response of gesture controls such as pinch-zoom and rotate, through quick iterations.

App release 2 design - Design iteration to bring UI in line with iOS Design Guidelines

First release app in use.
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